About the service

The measurement stations in the Norwegian cities (urban areas) are measuring the air quality 24/7, 365 days a year.

The displayed data refers to the last measured full hour. Please note that the time is in Norwegian winter time.

How to add an app icon (Web App) to your home screen for Android phone

1. Open Chrome and enter the URL luftkvalitet.nilu.no.
2. Open your browser’s settings.
3. Scroll down and tap Add to Home screen.
4. Confirm by tapping Add.

Historical data

When clicking the tab “Historical data” you will be able to see data for the available/ selected period.

Various measurement stations for air quality in Norway

  • Road stations are mainly measuring pollution from the local road traffic. That is why these stations are located close to the roads.
  • Urban background stations are placed in order to catch up with the total pollution from any city/urban source, i.e. traffic, heating, industry in the nearby cities and natural sources.
  • Regional background stations are measuring long-distance transported air pollution, i.e. components being long-ranged transported by weather and wind. The regional background stations are located to avoid impact from nearby emission sources.
  • Industrial influenced stations are measuring possible pollution from the industry in the local environment.

In the station overview the road-, urban background- and industrial influenced stations are circle marked, while the regional background stations are square marked.

The measurement stations in the cities/urban areas are owned by the Norwegian municipalities or Statens vegvesen. The regional background stations are owned by NILU.

You will find further information here  https://www.nilu.no/forskning/urban-luftkvalitet/maling-og-overvakning-av-luftkvalitet/

Pollution classes – health impacts and advice from the health authorities

Good air quality – Small or no health impacts. Outdoor activity is recommended.

Moderate air quality – Some health impacts may occur i.e. persons with asthma and other respiratory diseases in addition to cardiovascular disease should be aware. Outdoor activity is recommended for most people, but some people with these diseases should assess their activities to areas with less traffic or less local emissions.

Bad air quality – Health impacts can occur for asthmatic people and persons with other respiratory diseases in addition to cardiovascular disease. Children with respiratory diseases should reduce their outdoor activities and stay away from the most polluted areas.

Very bad air quality – Vulnerable groups are exposed to health impacts. Respiratory tract irritations and discomfort may occur, also among healthy persons. Persons with cardiovascular disease and respiratory diseases should stay inside their homes and stay away from the most polluted areas.

Air quality in Europe

You can find information about the air quality in other European countries here:  European Air Quality Index


Data is retrieved from api.nilu.no
All data in this solution is openly available and can be downloaded for your own use.