Historical data

Here, you can retrieve historical air quality data for those locations where it is available. All air quality data is thoroughly quality controlled by both the municipalities and the National Air Quality Reference Laboratory – a role NILU has been appointed to by the Norwegian Environment Agency. Data for the current year are preliminary. Data for each calendar year must be quality assured by 1st July of the following year. Until then, there may be changes in the data due to quality control measures.

The data can be displayed in graphs and / or downloaded as csv files.

You choose the time period you want data from by selecting the date and time. You select the desired time series in the drop-down menu «Please select time series». Some cities and towns have more than one monitoring station. In the search field you can type in city name, station name or component name, to help you find the data you are interested in.

You can also choose between different aggregation levels such as hourly average, daily average, monthly average, annual average, 24-hour gliding average, 8-hour gliding running average and maximum 8-hour average per day.