The Pollution Control Regulations set legally binding limit values for air pollution. The limit values are set to secure a minimum level for local air quality in Norway. The exeedances trigger demands for drastic actions. The evaluation of the data limit values will be complied with measurements. The regulations are strict and sets standards for the measurements.

PM10, PM2.5, NO2 and SO2 are the most important components that contributes to local air pollution in the Norwegian urban areas. On this web page you will get information about the exeedances of limit values for these 4 components who are registered on measurement stations in the various urban and rural areas in Norway.

If the data are to be used for comparison with limit values, it is an official requirement that the measurement data should cover at least 85% of the annual measurement. There will be no bars in the graph if there are missing values for all or parts of the year for the selected station.

You will find further information about the official regulations, recommendations from the health authorities and the national goals set by the government by clicking here.